By Angela Ravenscroft, BBQ Chairperson

On May 19th, we had another great BBQ.  Thanks to all the volunteers, to those who donated items for the auction and raffle, and to those who attended! The new location had the benefit of great parking and access, a reasonable amount of shade and ample room. We will try for the War Memorial Building Lawn next year, but at least we know that there is another good location.

Our silent auction was a big success.  That's because Wayne Moorhead, Anne Schafer, Jennifer Stapp, Mike Harlow, Doug Peeler, Garry Cannon, Jim Parrish, Dee Smith and I spent many Wednesdays and Saturdays preparing the silent auction items.

Setup and clean-up went lightning fast and smooth as always, thanks to the help of our willing volunteers:  Diane Willner, Jennifer Stapp, Jane Roush, Mike Harlow, Wayne Moorhead, Anne Schafer, Garry Cannon, Lois Lukasky, Dee Smith, Dick Mayer, Wes Farmer, Jim Stafford, Denny Turner, Tim Tickford and so many others.

After the silent auction, Bonnie Zeranski, Sally Parrish, Anne Schafer, Wayne Moorhead, Dick Mayer and other helpers efficiently got all the bidders checked out in time for the raffle.

Simon King and Gladys Walker graced us once again with an entertaining raffle of so many excellent prizes.  See the list of raffle winners and prizes for more details.

Thanks to Tom and Lucia Barckley, there was a venue for what most certainly were the ugliest rocks in town.  The winners are described in the Ugly Rock write-up in The Pegmatite (pg. 25).

Greeting and helping direct everyone to the activities and food were Diane Willner, Denny Turner and me, with Ramona Anderson handing out morning goodies, chips and salsa, and rock candy.   The greeter table is always busy and they did a great job.  My parents, Mark and Kathryn Ravenscroft, even helped out in the afternoon.  Thanks to all!

There was also a great group of dealers who were willing to set-up for our one day event: Alan Blakeman, Joe and Alice Law (Rock Farm), Gerry Alvarado (Gem Guru) and Robyn Coon, Paul Williams, Richard Mueller (Miner's Gallery), Wayne and Audrey Potterton, Tanya Castaneda, Jon Lovegren, Don Parsley, Jane Coursin, Marshall Upson, and Jonathan who did't give his last name.

You probably heard Wayne Moorhead's voice a few times during the day, welcoming us in the morning, and later directing us to the delicious lunch catered by The Barbecue Pit of El Cajon, whose generous and friendly service combined with excellent food is one of the main components that makes our event so popular.  Then, in the afternoon, there is Wayne's voice again keeping us up-to-date on the silent auction and taunting us with the surprise ending time.

The BBQ wouldn't have happened without Anne Schafer and Wayne Moorhead spending countless hours organizing, arranging, and helping me with my part in putting the BBQ together.  Big thanks to them both!


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