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SDMG special class during holiday hiatus

A Christmas to remember for a Utah Family

By Wayne Moorhead and Lois Lukasky

On Friday, December 27th we gave a family visiting from Utah a special Christmas treat.  The family of six planned on spending the holidays in San Diego, and all four children— Katy (age 8), Zack (age 10), Krissy (age 12), and Mary (age 13)—are very interested in rocks.  Krissy has already made up her mind that she wants to to be a geologist when she grows up.

Everyone wanted to learn about cutting and polishing rocks during the holiday hiatus when the Society classroom is typically "dark," so by prior arrangement with a relative we held a special cabochon class session just for them.  We all had a great time, and the kids and their parents all got their cabochons cut and polished, and they toured the museum and learned all about rocks, minerals, and fossils.  The kids were all intently focused on their work, and they did such a great job of following directions that it was a real pleasure for both of us.

Katy, the little 8 year-old, gave us both a big hug and thank you at the end, which was priceless.



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