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BLM's proposed review of DRECP

Special DAC meeting
March 20, 2018, noon to 5pm
Hilton Garden Inn, Mirage Room, 12603 Mariposa Rd.
Victorville, CA 92395

Download the BLM press release on the March 20 meeting »

BLM's Desert District Advisory Council (DAC) will hold its first meeting in over one year. The DRECP Review prompted the special meeting. There is no upside for Rockhounds, if BLM opens DRECP to review, but there is risk of downside. Download a Fact Sheet on What Rockhounds got in DRECP, misconceptions about what the plan did not do, and what the unintended consequences could be for Rockhounds, if BLM goes forward with amending the DRECP to make more opportunities for renewable energy projects in the desert. Come to the meeting and tell BLM to shut down the DRECP Review. Read more on why BLM's proposed review of DRECP is a bad idea »


Comment Period Deadline: March 22, 2018
Rockhounds, get your name on a letter…

BLM opened a 45-day comment period on February 2nd. Rockhounds have until March 22nd to submit letters.
Read an article on why amending DRECP is unnecessary and could be bad for Rockhounds ».
Download a FAQs sheet on the DRECP »

To ensure continued access to hobby collecting areas in California's deserts, BLM needs to hear from Rockhound advocates. SDMG has prepared a detailed comment letter. If you or your club would like to sign onto our letter:
  ● Download the current draft version of SDMG's letter at: (short URL).
  ● Download a flyer on how to sign onto SDMG's letter (2 easy steps) »


Want to write your own letter? Download a flyer with FAQs and useful comments on DRECP »


Writing a Good Comment Letter
What's Effective, What's Not

Download a flyer:



DRECP Transitioning to Implementation
Author: BLM
Interim draft report presented at DAC mtg, 2/23/2017
or short url:



Author: SDMG
DRECP NEPA/CEQA [Docket: 09‐ RENEW EO‐01]. Comment letter (48 pages).

Docketed on DRECP website »
A clean scan of the identical letter is on the SDMG website at:
or short url:


Archive: Letters & Notices

DAC Reinstatement
Author: SDMG.
Request to reinstate the Desert District Advisory Council meetings.
or short url:


RAC Reinstatement
Authors: 71 DOI Resource Advisory Committee members.
Request to reinstate the meetings and activities of the Resource Advisory Councils.
or short url:


Author: Southern California Paleontological Society (SCPS).
Docket No. NPS–2016–0003. RIN 1093-AA-16. Comment on proposed Rule on Paleontological Resources Preservation Act of 2009.

SCPS's letter had 61 signatories, including SDMG.
or short url:


Authors: SDMG and CFMS.
San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Plan and Land Management Plan Amendment #46964
or short url:


National Monuments

Nat'l Monuments Review
Author: 24 members of Congress
Letter to President Trump with recommendations on recissions to 27 National Monuments, including five in California.
or short url:



Rockhounding in Nat'l Monuments
Author: Senator Dianne Feinstein
Letter to DOI Secretary Sally Jewell in support of rockhounds.
or short url:






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